Uncharted Waters 2018

Born from the human need to protect ourselves from the elements, knitting quickly became a common thread throughout Europe and the Middle East early in the common era. To me, it represents the human need, artistry in its variations, and a universal language. Accumulation of singularly hand knit material worked en mass, proves great satisfaction for me.
I have always had a deep connection to our most abundant – yet perhaps least understood – resource, water. Water is our first human experience; we are surrounded in it for nine months. For life, we need it to survive. My given name means stream of water. Perhaps for this reason, I have always been intrigued by it. My interest also lies in its various forms and its tendencies to reflect human emotions. Calm, violent, refreshing, opaque, tepid, tranquil, describe us, too. It is my hope that within this work, one sees beauty and emotion in water, and our deep primordial connection to it.