Gun Violence 2015-2016

I am disgusted and saddened with the level of gun violence in the United states.
According to there were 22,000 incidents of gun violence as of 1st of June, 2016.

Through the peaceful act of knitting and a gun rendered useless, I have hand knit 22,000 stitches, one for each person scarred by gun violence. Tragically, keeping up with the number of stitches is nearly impossible. This will be an on going project.

Glass Lizard 2014

As long as I can remember, I had an aversion to slithering things. Snakes were my father’s fear, an inherited phobia. Now a mother, I spend hours learning about reptiles and their specifications; due to our son’s fascination. Recently, I survived the dark, warm halls of a zoo exhibition with glowing habitats of varied species unaware of my repulsion.
I am also a collector. Our kindergarten son is enjoying learning from my recent acquisition of vintage educational flash cards found on Ebay and Etsy. I find the image lovely of this slender glass lizard (Ophisaur’s attenuates); I am rarely conflicted when discovering facts about the reptile and its habitat.
My interest in the repetitive process of knitting, allow me to knit and purl in neon pink cord, through the phobia of such a beautiful creature. The slender glass lizard habitat is my present back yard. Through collecting and making, my instinct to look away and shudder, has now diminished.

Lace Panties 2014


My husband says I am a compulsive knitter, I proudly agree. On this we differ: He considers knitting an old ladies sport. I recently asked him if I knit lace panties, perhaps he would change his belief?