Baskets: Increase/Decrease 2015-2016

Born from the human need to protect ourselves from the elements, knitting quickly became a common thread throughout Europe and the Middle East early in the common era. To me, it represents the human need, artistry in its variations, and a universal language.
I discovered knitting looking for a personal connection, which quickly led to an obsession with the discovery of variation in a simple stitch. Through knitting fine leather, I have discovered a familiar vocabulary of the rigid construction common in metal fabrication. Sensitivity and quietness stems from purposeful parameters.
I draw inspiration from antiquing, which provides a visual reservoir of objects loaded with content and hints of remembrance. I was attracted to a massive strand of colorful, miniature, woven grass baskets that evoked a distant memory of traveling to Mexico as a child.
Baskets are powerful objects. They have existed since the beginning of man and throughout history—and still today in many cultures—are essential for transporting and storing the necessities of life. Like us, baskets contain memories, secrets, and human experience.
Through the purposeful combination of knit leather and basket form, I have found meaningful connections sustaining my need to challenge and respond.